Dear companies and collaborators of LARRAIOZ® GROUP,

We need you as an associated company on this path towards education for all people motivated to participate in the industry of today and the future, working on the most sustainable automation.

Support program from companies and organizations to the next FAU FUNDAZIOA, so that it can obtain income and carry out the EDUCACTIVE and INROBOTIK programs for people over 10 years of age, promoting knowledge so that they can have a future linked to a better industry, more sustainable and in line with the prosperity of all people, without leaving anyone behind, as indicated in the motto of the 2030 Agenda.

Three support formats [as soon as they give us approval within 6 months in the foundation registry]:

A. FACILITIES: Support by hiring FACT spaces for meetings related to automation, mechatronics or robotics.


Consult the website FAUfundazioa.org/FAUKIDE to learn about the technology available at this time. These can be moving demonstration boxes of actuators, electric cylinders, scara robots, anthropomorphic robots, etc.

The demonstration boxes or robots can be moved to the company space/training center with the corresponding contract | For related queries francisco@faufundazioa.org


All ACADEMY team members can participate in courses, workshops, presentations and events, sharing knowledge in their corresponding areas.

Languages: Basque, Spanish and English. | Diet and transfers included in Gipuzkoa.